Reyo Anion Sanitary Napkins| Overnight- 12 pads| Biodegradable

₹ 299.00
Rash-free overnight pads are suitable for abnormal flow days and it contains 12 pads.
Category : Period Care
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We know that every month women suffered from rashes, leakage, itching, UTIs and skin infections during their periods due to ordinary pads. It's time to kick out the ordinary chemical products and let’s welcome Reyo anion sanitary pads. We made these sanitary pads with 10 layers of protection because we understand your monthly struggles and how ordinary poor-quality pads are harmful to your perfect body. Our Reyo anion sanitary pads are the only solution for your healthy menstrual cycle and will comfort you every month. It kills 99.9% of bacteria through the built-in Anion strip.

ULTRA SOFT COTTON LAYERS: Our Reyo Anion sanitary pads are designed with a super soft cottony layer made of organic cotton for clean and dry protection and to ensure free air circulation. Pads are so incredibly thin, that you wouldn’t even feel you. Our pads are free from dyes, chlorine bleaching, fragrance and harsh chemicals, making them safe to use for intimate areas.

SAY NO TO LEAKAGE: Reyo anion sanitary pads ensure up to 0% leaks and 100% stain protection with side leakage proof and wider back wings for better coverage. Our pads move with your body and stay in place no matter what you are doing. And we use absorbent gel, plant-based extracts of Aloe Vera and field corn pulp which keeps you fresh and cool.

KEEPS YOU RASH-FREE: Our breathable soft cotton layers ensure you stay rash–free! These skin-friendly pads are chlorine-free, paraben free, and toxic free and have no harmful chemicals and are suitable for all skin types. We have used natural glue, the adhesive base is natural glue which never leaves any residue on the pantie.

ANION STRIP WITH 5 TECHNOLOGIES: Anions are called Vitamin of Air and are negative ions which are abundantly found in nature and generated by evaporating water near beaches, rainforests, and waterfalls which are good for your health hence you feel rejuvenated and energized around these places.

1) Anion is to kill bacteria, enhance immunity, reduce cramps, enhance hormonal balance, boost energy and removes stress.

2) Far – Infrared regulates blood circulation and regains energy.

3) Magnetism relieves menstrual discomforts and prevents odour, and protects from vaginal infections.

4) Nanosilver is used for its antifungal and antiseptic properties.

5) Chitin is a derivative of glucose, it increases the sustainability and power of women.

SAFE TO USE:  Premium packing with hygienic and re-sealable packaging design for protection against bacteria, fungus, and moisture. Our Reyo pads are completely safe for use, this allows you to go about your daily routine without feeling stressed.