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We care you

In Reyo products, We mainly focus on Customer demands and Needs. We are highly involved in Customer satisfaction and we assure that No harmful materials are used in Reyo products.


One-time satisfaction is not our Goal. Every time when the person uses Reyo, They should always feel a better experience. Maintaining and Getting a better version of Reyo is always our Motto.

Environment Safe

Safer earth is the safer future generation. The materials used in the product are Environment safe. The quality of not being harmful to the environment is the main quality of Reyo.

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Reviews from Reyo Women

I would say Reyo is the best napkin I have ever used.Most important thing which I liked about this is the product is purely made from natural products.I'm glad that I got to know about Reyo now.

- Arul Selvi

It's a really a very good one. I'm using this more than a year. I'm really happy with the product. It makes my day feel free and rashes free also thank you so much for this product.

- Vasanthi

Hi,Ur napkin quality is very good dear. Actually these many years I used only other napkins and I never tried any. As I get uncomfortable and itchy problems even in second day of my periods and I thought to try yours and now I understood how safe and comfortable ur product is..!!! I did not get any itches even in 3rd day of my period, and really so comfortable dear thank you so much. Gonna be your regular customer.

- Dyora Alex

Hi,reyo. Past three years I'm using your napkins and panty liners, I really appreciate the product, no itching, no irritation. Reyo fully organical and chemical free. I highly recommended this product to ever woman.

- Vaishali

Currently using Reyo product and it is really comfortable and hygiene. And rashes free periods. And exceptionally comfortable help sensitive to skin.

- Meenakshi

Since one year and still have been used reyo sanitary napkins. To say it is a good product to use for women's in one of their tough time called menstruation period thank you so much reyo for providing this good and benefit product to us. Keep going mam. Good luck!

- Nisha

Reyo Celebrities

I’m a Dentist. I have used Reyo Sanitary Napkins, it was very good and felt very comfortable. Hereafter, no more allergies and rashes. Thank you so much for your product.

- Dr.Ezhil

In recent days I came to know about Reyo and it’s really worth and doesn’t harm us like other napkins. I’ve been using 2 different types of organic sanitary napkins and this is my favorite one. I have switched my routine to Reyo and all girls out there do try. I’m not all worried about the rashes hereafter during my menstrual days.

- Vishnu Preetha
Fashion Designer

Thank you so much for your product. This is plastic and rayon free and also it has the Anion strip. I have used this napkins and I really felt very comfortable on my shoot days. There is nothing to feel very shy about and it is quite common and natural to every woman out there. You can definitely try this.

- Maheshwari Vaddi
South Indian Actress

Previously, I used most of the conventional napkins, but Reyo napkin is very soft, no bad odor, good absorbing capacity and no irritations. This time I felt a very happy period. Thank you so much for the very good product.

- Sowmiya
North Indian Actress