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We care you

In Reyo products, We mainly focus on Customer demands and Needs. We are highly involved in Customer satisfaction and we assure that No harmful materials are used in Reyo products.


One-time satisfaction is not our Goal. Every time when the person uses Reyo, They should always feel a better experience. Maintaining and Getting a better version of Reyo is always our Motto.

Environment Safe

Safer earth is the safer future generation. The materials used in the product are Environment safe. The quality of not being harmful to the environment is the main quality of Reyo.

Reyo Celebrities

Thank you so much for your product. This is plastic and rayon free and also it has the Anion strip. I have used this napkins and I really felt very comfortable on my shoot days. There is nothing to feel very shy about and it is quite common and natural to every woman out there. You can definitely try this.

- Maheshwari

Hello all, I want to share about Unicare International’s Reyo pads. This product has 10 layers of protection. Very comfortable pad. It has different sizes. Trustable for use. This information is not only for women, it is also for men. Don’t skip this. It will be useful for your mother, sister, partner or anyone. Kindly share this. And thanks to Unicare for sending me this product. Very useful product. It is surely useful for all women.

- Jennifer

I have used Reyo sanitary napkins, it was very comfortable. The pads are thin and safe to use. I'm not worried about the rashes hereafter during my menstrual days. So, I strongly suggest Reyo to all women.

- Akila

Previously, I used most of the conventional napkins, but Reyo napkin is very soft, no bad odor, good absorbing capacity and no irritations. This time I felt a very happy period. Thank you so much for the very good product.

- Sowmiya
North Indian Actress